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Americans Worse Off After Pandemic, Poll Finds

(RepublicanReport.com) - The public health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have been obvious from the outset. However, the economic repercussions of more than a year of rolling lockdowns and movement restrictions are not as easy to see. On Tuesday, April 13, the Associated Press released...

Mark Levin Calls Out Joe Biden

(RepublicanReport.com) - With over two months under his belt in the White House, President Joe Biden is starting to attract real criticism. His handling of the crisis on the southwest border, and, more recently, his controversial executive actions on gun control, have made many...

Lawmakers to End Police Bill of Rights as Democrats Take Over

(RepublicanReport.com) - A number of campaigns aimed at changing the way our police forces operate sprang into action last year after the death of George Floyd. More extreme voices even suggested abolishing the police entirely. Now, it appears some of these campaigns may be coming...


New York to Give Money to Illegal Immigrants

(RepublicanReport.com) - One of the most controversial aspects of contemporary liberal politics in America is the insistence on putting immigrants ahead of Americans. Despite the severe economic difficulties that have accompanied COVID-19, one of President Joe Biden’s top priorities since his inauguration has been...

Biden Claims Gun Violence Is a “Public Health Crisis”

(RepublicanReport.com) - President Joe Biden made headlines around the world on Thursday, April 8, following his signing of a series of executive actions aimed at curbing firearm access. Because of the Constitutional and legislative protections afforded to weapons ownership, Biden’s capacity to act here...

Dangerous Criminals Arrested by Border Patrol

(RepublicanReport.com) - The situation on our southern border has created rising tensions about overcrowded detention facilities and the treatment of unaccompanied minors. Another concern, however, is that the new influx of immigrants is making it more difficult to weed out the truly dangerous individuals...

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