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Joe Biden Removes Winston Churchill Bust From Oval Office

( - Revision of history became one of the dominant trends in political correctness in 2020. Statues and other memorials of figures who embraced outdated views have been torn down and destroyed across the world. Joe Biden was never one to miss an opportunity to...

Georgia Voters Outraged After Democrats Pushing $1,400 Checks When $2,000 Was Promised

( - Stimulus checks have been the subject of bitter debate between the Right and Left for months now. Liberal representatives repeatedly insisted on giving the public overly generous amounts that would’ve placed enormous pressure on public funds. Of course, this move wasn't motivated by...

YouTube Lengthens Ban on Trump for Another Seven Days

( - When various tech companies made the move to censor Donald Trump’s content over the last few weeks, they cited the potential for him to incite violence. Now that he’s no longer president, one would imagine this alleged potential is far less. However,...


Texas Governor Slams Angry Probe of National Guard Members Who Support Trump

( - Liberal commentators and politicians have wasted no opportunity to sow the seeds of doubt and distrust since the protest at Washington’s Capitol Building on January 6. This has resulted in increasingly strict security measures in the lead-up to Wednesday’s inauguration. For example,...

Trump Extends National Border Emergency in Response to Security Threats

( - Donald Trump has always taken an unapologetic hard line on immigration during his time in the White House. It now appears he’ll continue his efforts to keep our borders secure even in the dying days of his first term. On Saturday, January 16,...

Biden to Reverse Trump Immigration Policies During First Days as President

( - Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump has attracted near-ceaseless criticism from the Left for his policies. The immigration policy changes he made drew particular ire from his political opponents. Under a Joe Biden presidency, however, Trump’s rules on immigration are unlikely to stay in...

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