Newsom’s Progressive Activism Potential Issue In A National Campaign

( – Ever since the presidential candidate debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, there have been some rumblings about the commander-in-chief stepping down as the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee. Some people are saying that Vice President Kamala Harris should run instead, while others float the idea of California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) as a possibility to replace the president.

However, California Policy Center president William Swaim recently told Fox News Digital that Newsom “brings nothing to a national ticket.” He said the governor’s popularity has even been waning in California, with the “majority of voters” believing he’s taking the state “in the wrong direction.” Swaim said if Democrats were to insert Newsom as the presidential nominee, he would be nothing more than a “surrogate” for Biden — nothing more. However, the Policy Center president admitted Newsom was a “clever debater” who could sway undecided voters.

The California governor, however, gave no indication that he plans to replace Biden on the ticket, even as speculation about a shadow campaign swirls. In fact, he came out in strong support of the president for reelection, stating he would “never turn [his] back” on the president. Newsom said he spends a great deal of time with Biden, adding that he knows the president and his accomplishments. The state leader added that he has “no trepidations” about Biden remaining in the White House.

A February Los Angeles Times-Leger poll showed that half of those surveyed, which included 30% of Democrats, believe The Golden State is too liberal. Given the number of conservative states in the nation, that seems to back Swaim’s assessment that Newsom would not be well received on a national scale.

Regardless, the speculation about Newsom replacing the president as the Democratic nominee is moot. Biden is not dropping out of the race. The president said he is staying in, vowing to “beat Donald Trump” in November.

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