Biden’s Blunder Gives Trump New Opportunity In Blue States

( – During the 2020 presidential election cycle, President Joe Biden earned 52.9% of the vote in New Hampshire, 54.4% in Virginia, and 52.6% in Minnesota. However, after the debate in June between the two presumptive presidential candidates, former President Donald Trump’s campaign team thinks there might be an opportunity to take some historically Democratic states this November.

Recently, GOP strategist Colin Reed said New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Virginia are typically “solidly blue states” where a Republican candidate would have no chance to win. However, he believes that if the “map has truly expanded” a bit to allow for Trump to possibly break through the “blue wall” in a few states — namely Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — Biden wouldn’t have a path to win this time. The US leader won those states in 2020 by 0.7%, 2.8%, and 1.2%, respectively. In fact, Biden flipped all of those seats during that cycle in his favor.

Still, NH, MN, and VA haven’t chosen a GOP candidate in at least 20 years — for New Hampshire, it’s been 52 years. The red wave would have to be pretty significant to flip them in Trump’s favor. One poll taken by Saint Anselm College after the debate shows Trump with a two-point edge over Biden in New Hampshire. Average polling reported by FiveThirtyEight shows the president still ahead by one point in Minnesota — within the margin of error. Polling from the beginning of June in Virginia showed Trump still behind, but just barely. Trump’s campaign secretary Karoline Leavitt believes the state, plus New Jersey, are “now in play.” She added that the former president is “on offense…and [is] growing his movement.”

New England-based Democratic strategist Joe Caiazzo disagreed, stating that November would be more about “what’s actually at stake” for the country and that he’s “confident that Democrats will be successful.” While Trump’s campaign might want to shift into states typically won by the left, it might be too late in the cycle, as the Biden campaign has been hard at work in those areas.

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