Nato Will Announce ‘Historic’ Ukraine Aid Package

( – In February 2022, after Russia invaded Ukraine, most of the world rallied around the sovereign nation to help it defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin and his troops. Recently, the aggressor reportedly unleashed a barrage of missiles upon Ukraine, squarely hitting a children’s hospital and killing at least 36. Western and UN leaders condemned the attack, as Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelenskyy vowed retaliation.

NATO leaders will meet to discuss the details of an aid package they plan to send to Ukraine, which reportedly includes air defense systems to protect the nation’s cities from future Russian attacks. This “historic” package likely to come out of the NATO meeting is an attempt to also “futureproof” aid to Ukraine going forward, but considering recent Russian attacks, it might not be enough.

Ukrainian presidential administration adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said the strike on the pediatric cancer hospital was “deliberate” and Putin-approved. He added that even this horrific action wouldn’t propel Ukrainian allies into making the decisions necessary to fully assist the sovereign nation. Still, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg recently stated that the alliance’s “most urgent task” will be to discuss Ukrainian support. He expects those at the summit “will agree [on] a substantial package for Ukraine.”

While the secretary general didn’t provide specific details, those familiar with the discussion expected at the NATO meeting believe the group members plan to send at least four more Patriot missile batteries to Ukraine — that’s in addition to the seven already requested by Zelenskyy. The United States, Romania, and Germany will probably deliver the additional defense systems. Spain, Poland, and Greece are expected to provide Patriot missile systems as well, and Israel could step in with another.

Former NATO Assistant Secretary General Camille Grand shared a concern about supporting Ukraine if former President Donald Trump is elected in November. The group is reportedly considering a move now that would “Trump-proof” future aid for the sovereign nation.

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