Mike Johnson Says Biden Should Be Removed As President

(RepublicanReport.org) – On June 27, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump participated in their first debate. While both presumptive candidates had issues on the debate stage, all eyes seemed to be on the president. His performance, especially in the beginning, had many calling for his resignation in November and one demanding he step down immediately.

On June 28, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson (LA) stated several people were inquiring about the 25th Amendment and “invoking the 25th Amendment right now because” they were alarmed about Biden’s performance. Johnson suggested that enemies of the US were also watching the “weakness in this White House,” calling it a “very dangerous situation.” He insisted that his words were not partisan but out of fear for the country, adding that he didn’t think the president was up to the task of running the US despite his success over the last three years.

The Constitution allows the vice president, the Cabinet, and Congress to work together to remove the president if he or she is no longer able to execute their duties to run the country. The process, in this case, would have to start with Vice President Kamala Harris with the majority of Cabinet members in agreement to remove Biden from office. They would notify Congress, who would then transfer power to Harris. However, if the president disagrees, saying he can run the US, he would get his power back — unless the VP and the majority of the Cabinet insist. In that case, two-thirds of both parties of the House and the Senate would have to agree to give presidential powers to Harris.

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) reportedly stated he planned to ask Harris to meet with the Cabinet to consider using the Amendment. However, that is unlikely to happen. Biden has since insisted he is staying in the race for November and chalked the debate up to a one-off poor performance.

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