World’s Leading Sponsor Of Terrorism Announces Support For Left-Wing College Protests

( – For months, pro-Palestinian protesters have been speaking out against the war between Israel and Hamas. They believe the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are carrying out genocide against the Palestinian people currently sheltering in the Gaza Strip. The protestors are demanding their schools divest from Israel so as not to support the killing. Recently, they received support from a surprising source — a country that supports Hamas.

On May 25, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wrote a letter to the college campus protestors, pledging “empathy and solidarity” with them. He said the protestors were on the “right side” of history, claiming they were part of the “Resistance Front,” which has been struggling against “blatant oppression” of Palestinians by Zionists for many years. He called the actions in Gaza “genocide,” echoing the words of the protestors in the US. Khamenei went on to detail the origins of Israel as he sees it and the woes of the Palestinian people over the years. He indicated that the attack on October 7 by Hamas was not a terrorist attack but Palestinians defending “their own land.”

The supreme leader has been in Iranian politics for over 40 years and has been a figurehead in the country — both politically and religiously since 1989. Khamenei is not a fan of the United States. His view of America deteriorated after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear program. The supreme leader said the US reneged on its agreement and, in 2018, former President Donald Trump’s reported violation of the deal proved to Khamenei that the US could not be trusted.

The Iranian leader closed the letter to the students by telling them there have been “uprisings in other countries” with the same goals. He commended university professors in America for their “support and solidarity” as well. Khamenei encouraged the protestors to read the Quran — the holy book of Islam.

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