Woman Sentenced to Prison for Selling Ashley Biden’s Diary

(RepublicanReport.org) – Two Floridians made a series of questionable decisions in the fall of 2020, leading up to the presidential election, when they decided to steal and sell a diary and other items belonging to Ashley Biden, daughter of then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The pair each pleaded guilty to a single federal charge of conspiring to transport stolen property across state lines in August 2022. On Tuesday, a federal judge in New York sentenced Aimee Harris for her part in the crime.

Judge Laura Taylor Swain said she found Harris’ behavior “despicable and consequently very serious.” The Southern District of New York judge sentenced the 41-year-old mother of two to serve three months of home confinement until she can begin serving a one-month jail term starting in July. She also ordered three years probation following Harris’ release and told the convicted thief she must repay half of the $40,000 she and her accomplice, 60-year-old Robert Kurlander, earned from selling the diary.

Harris stumbled onto the diary while at a friend’s home in Delray Beach, where Ashley Biden had stayed and arranged to store some belongings. After finding the journal, tax records, Biden family pictures, and other belongings, she contacted Kurlander, and the two hatched a plan to sell the personal chronicle, hoping to make a lot of money and hurt Joe Biden’s chances in the upcoming election.

They first approached Incumbent President Donald Trump’s campaign, but an unnamed source rejected their offer and told them they should take the diary to the FBI. Instead, Kurlander approached Project Veritas in New York. Harris told the organization she had found the “abandoned” items at the house in Delray Beach.

Project Veritas purchased the journal and other items from the pair for $40,000 in late September 2020 but ultimately decided against publishing the diary in early October because they couldn’t establish provenance beyond a shadow of a doubt. The decision rankled a whistleblower within the organization, who subsequently leaked photos of the personal journal to National File, a conservative media outlet. National File published its full archive of images in an October 26, 2020, exposé.

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