White House Denies Biden Used Drugs Before SOTU

(RepublicanReport.org) – With the presidential election just under six months away, it’s no surprise things are heating up between the presumptive candidates. Former President Donald Trump and incumbent Joe Biden have exchanged barbs on social media and in the press. Trump has gone so far as to accuse the president of taking drugs before he gave the State of the Union (SOTU) address back in March. Now, he’s demanding Biden take one before the two meet on the debate stage.

Another Accusation of Drug Use

It seems that Trump is no stranger to accusing his political opponents of using drugs. In 2016, he insinuated that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, was on performance-enhancing drugs. He made the same claim about Biden in 2020 and insisted when a reporter asked him to clarify that he was “not joking.”

Fast forward to March 7, 2024, when President Biden gave his third SOTU address, those claims resurfaced. This time, Trump specified he believed the drug was cocaine, referencing the fact that “white stuff” was found in the White House. Cocaine is a stimulant that causes euphoria. While speaking to conservative host Hugh Hewitt, Trump even went so far as to say Biden was “all jacked up” and “higher than a kite” during the SOTU.

Debate Condition

Both President Biden and Trump have agreed to debate twice this year. They will meet for the first time on June 27 in an event hosted by CNN. The second will take place on September 10, hosted by ABC. Trump has suggested Biden will use drugs to get through the events and said he should be subject to a drug test before taking the stage.

POLITICO reached out to the Biden campaign in a joking manner, asking if there was any truth to Trump’s statements, and reporters got a staunch denial. In a statement, Andrew Bates, the White House senior deputy press secretary, made it clear that Republican officials were “intimidated” by Biden’s speech back in March. He continued, “after seeing him succeed where they failed across the board […] it tracks that those same Republican officials mistake confidence for a drug.”

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) said, “Why not?” when asked if Biden should submit to a drug test. He said the president’s performance in the SOTU “was surreal,” and that meant “there was something going on.” Scott continued, saying if the truth were to be revealed, “we’re all better off.” He asked, if Biden needs substances to perform, “How often can he do that?”

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