US Takes Step Toward Using Military Force If Iran Gets Involved

( – The war between Israel and Hamas threatens to spark even greater conflict in the Middle East as foreign powers begin choosing sides between the two groups. Iran insists it didn’t have a hand in Palestinian terrorists’ attack on the Israeli people, but it has been vocally supportive of the terrorists’ assaults and has financially backed the regime in the past. Meanwhile, the United States is taking steps to prepare its military to attack Iran if it does actively get involved against Israel.

The first days of assaults between the two groups left at least 1,400 Israelis and 2,800 Palestinians dead, outraging supporters of each side. Israel has gathered 360,000 reservists, some of whom are already at the Gaza border, and ordered over one million civilians in the Palestinian region to move south. The move has generated speculation that the Jewish nation may have plans to enter and occupy the Gaza Strip.

According to Al Jazeera, Tehran’s foreign minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, warned the decision would leave Israel with “a graveyard of the occupation soldiers.” The aggression has already triggered increased conflicts in nearby Lebanon, and US officials fear countries like Syria and other Arab nations could see similar clashes. The New York Times shares that anti-Israel protests occurred all across Arab countries on Friday, October 13, and random violent encounters have occurred in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Rumors of regional instability have sparked fears that enemy forces might attempt to jump in amid the chaos and attack US military personnel or allies stationed in the region, as well.

Newsweek reports that lawmakers were working hard to ensure legislation was available in case the Biden Administration needed to intervene against Iranian forces. US leaders are hoping the neighboring country doesn’t force them to send additional troops by deploying fighters of its own, but they’re confident they’ll be ready if the need arises.

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