US Is Withholding ‘Sensitive Intelligence’ on Hamas From Israel

( – Recently, President Joe Biden put an arms shipment to Israel on pause out of concern that the US bombs would be used to kill civilians in Rafah, a densely populated city in the southern portion of the Gaza Strip. While the Biden administration made it clear that defensive weapons were still flowing to the country, this particular offensive weapons shipment was halted. According to The Washington Post, high-payload bombs were the only things withheld.

On May 11, The Washington Post reported that the US government had sensitive intelligence information about the location of Hamas leaders and hidden tunnels it has been using to supply the group’s forces. According to the report, four people allegedly familiar with the situation stated that the US is now offering that information to Israel in order to keep the country from launching a full invasion into Rafah, dangling the intel like a carrot to force Israel to comply.

The US is also reportedly offering to help Israel set up tent cities to house, feed, and care for Palestinians evacuated from the area prior to an impending attack. It’s encouraging Israel to set up a plan to minimize civilian casualties. If the country invades the southern part of the Gaza Strip without such a plan, it will be crossing Biden’s red line. At least one GOP lawmaker and a conservative commentator took The Washington Post’s account at face value, blasting the administration on the news and social media with accusations of wrongdoing.

However, the Biden administration denied withholding any such information about Hamas leaders, stating the US government has been supplying all of its intel to Israel over the span of the war. A National Security Council rep told The New York Post that the United States was already “helping Israel target Hamas’ leaders” and was continuing to do so “on an ongoing basis.” The rep insisted the Biden administration wasn’t holding “anything back” from Israel.

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