US Border Patrol Arrests 10 Members Of Notorious Largest Criminal Organization In Venezuela

( – Millions of people have crossed the US-Mexico border since President Joe Biden took office. While most people are looking toward a better life, not everyone who seeks entry into the United States has good intentions. The US Border Patrol (USBP) has detained several gang members and suspected terrorists over the past few years. In fact, the federal law enforcement agency recently arrested 10 members of Tren de Aragua, a Venezuelan street gang.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday, May 29, USPB Chief Jason Owens posted an alert. He notified the public that over Memorial Day weekend, Texas USBP agents arrested 10 gang members and posted pictures of their tattoos, warning Americans to be on the lookout for anyone with them. The gang members, he says, “represent a serious threat to our communities!” He also noted that the 10 they had in custody would be “processed for removal from the US.”

The origins of Tren de Aragua date back to 2014, when it formed as a prison gang in Venezuela’s northern state, Aragua. It quickly grew and is now a prominent organization in the country with approximately 5,000 members. Making matters worse, the gang isn’t limited to Venezuela. It has an international presence spanning Latin America and even the US, where authorities believe it is attempting to gain a stronger foothold.

Republicans in both chambers of Congress have asked the Biden Administration to designate Tren de Aragua, whom they refer to as “an invading criminal army,” a transnational criminal organization. Doing so would give authorities a way to better manage the threat the gang poses.

The gang has reportedly been tied to several high-profile crimes in the United States. The brother of the suspect accused of killing Laken Riley, for example, is a suspected gang member, as is the man who was arrested and charged with kidnapping and strangling a Florida man to death last November.

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