U.S. Senator Forced To Hide In Israel When Hamas Attacked

(RepublicanReport.org) – Hamas, a militant Palestinian group currently occupying the Gaza Strip, recently devastated parts of Israel with a surprise attack, killing an estimated 800 citizens and injuring another 2,600. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) was in Israel when it took place. He shared about his terrifying ordeal the next day, calling upon all sides to condemn the violence.

Booker shared his first statement regarding the attack on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. He stated in his video post that he was jogging in Jerusalem when his chief of staff called to inform him of the attacks. He added that thousands of rockets rained over Israel as he rushed back to his hotel and sheltered in place in the emergency stairwell. With him were horrified children, seniors, and families, and he wasn’t the only American there.

Noting the casualties, Booker shared about the massive scale of the attacks and slammed those who would support such terrible acts. He said that people who stood for peace and dignity for all groups involved needed to refuse to accept terror. He added a statement on his website stating that he stood with Israel as well as everyone there who’s lost a loved one through the recent Hamas murders and kidnappings.

The New York Times reports that Israel has been pummeling the Gaza Strip with airstrikes in response to the Palestinian attack. Both groups have been fighting over the region for decades and the two groups each strongly believe that the region is rightfully theirs. Tensions over the land were bad even before Israel declared its independence in 1948, but the disputes have been relentless ever since. Despite multiple pacts the battling groups have signed, as well as UN interventions attempting to help along the peace-making process between Israel and Palestine, the area is just as war-torn as ever.

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