Trump’s Victory Speech: ‘It’s Over For Them’

( – Primary season is well underway, with multiple states already choosing who they want as their party nominee for the general election. So far, former President Donald Trump has won 63 GOP delegates, and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has earned 17. Whoever reaches 1,215 by the end will win the nomination, but Trump believes it won’t take that long.

On February 9, the former president won 26 delegates in Nevada, picking up more than 99% of the caucus vote. Haley chose the primary route and earned 30%, more than 30 points lower than “None of These Candidates.” According to Newsmax, Trump declared during his victory speech that a win in Nevada meant he would “easily win the election of November.” He said, “…it’s over for them.” The presidential candidate informed the Nevada crowd that he would make the US “better, greater, bigger, [and] more beautiful than ever before.”

With Iowa, New Hampshire, the US Virgin Islands, and Nevada under his belt, many believe he will be the Republican nominee. If true, that means America could likely see a re-match between Trump and President Joe Biden. In 2020, Trump lost to Biden by 74 electoral votes. Still, the former president’s GOP nomination isn’t guaranteed quite yet. Haley is still in the race, and she recently said she has no plans to back down. According to The New York Times, the former governor plans to keep going at least through Super Tuesday on March 5, when the largest group of states hold their primaries.

However, if polling is any indication of success in the primaries, the future isn’t looking bright for the Haley campaign. Average polling from FiveThirtyEight on February 11 has Trump leading the former governor by 58.2%. While the numbers look better in her home state of South Carolina, average polling still has Haley behind by 33.4 points. That primary is set to occur on February 24, followed by Michigan three days later.

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