Trump’s One Ruling Could Poison All His Other Cases

( – A judge recently ruled that former President Donald Trump played an active role in inciting the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol. While the decision that the former commander-in-chief did, indeed, engage in insurrection could poison future cases, he could still see his name on state ballots due to a technicality.

Trump has faced one legal challenge after the next, with Newsweek citing that the most recent battle has centered on his right to run once again for the presidential office. MAGA critics say he shouldn’t be allowed another chance in the White House, citing the 14th Amendment. District Judge Sarah B. Wallace decided on the issue in Colorado Friday, December 1. The Democrat-appointed judge determined that Trump’s actions on J6 did help to incite the insurrection, but she would still allow Trump to remain on the Colorado ballot.

The state joins Minnesota, Michigan, and New Hampshire in the decision to reject the 14th Amendment argument being used to keep Trump out of the election. Republican attorneys general from 19 conservative-leaning states are pushing for the courts in other areas to follow suit. They claim it’s not up to the states to determine his eligibility using the Insurrection Clause, which puts insurrectionists’ ability to run for public office specifically in the hands of Congress.

Newsweek reports that Wallace’s ruling found Trump hadn’t fit the 14th Amendment’s definition of “an officer of the United States,” and therefore she couldn’t disqualify him from running on her state’s ballot. The technicality is a huge win for the MAGA leader, but his battle is far from over. Now that there’s a court decision on record branding the former president as someone who engaged in an insurrection against the United States, challenges to the technicality could come next. Many legal analysts disagree with the finding that the US president isn’t technically an officer.

Appeals fighting the ruling against Trump could also be on the way.

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