Trump’s Foreign Policy Advisers Met Israeli PM Netanyahu

( – In April, former President Donald Trump sat for an interview with Time Magazine. During the discussion, he criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stating the leader has been “rightfully…criticized for what took place on October 7.” The former US leader said he had problems with Netanyahu while he was in office and wouldn’t commit to a positive future working relationship. Recently, three former members of Trump’s circle met with the Israeli PM.

On May 20, former National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, former Ambassador to Switzerland Ed McMullen, and former Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates John Rakolta all traveled to meet with Netanyahu.

The details of the meeting have not been made public, but the source who revealed the event said Trump did not request the trip. Still, the source said they believe the presumptive GOP presidential nominee would be briefed about what was discussed. The group also reportedly met with Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid and other officials from Israel.

According to the anonymous source familiar with the matter, one of the goals of the trip was to get a better understanding of the political situation in Israel. There is apparently a lot of internal strife regarding Netanyahu’s response to the October 7 Hamas attack.

O’Brien spoke to The New York Times briefly about the meeting, stating that Trump knew the group was traveling to Israel to meet with the PM. However, he confirmed that the former president didn’t ask them to go or instruct them to say anything in particular to Netanyahu.

The former national security advisor, who would likely play a role in a second Trump administration, said he traveled to Israel as a “private citizen.” He told Netanyahu that the Hamas attack wouldn’t have happened if Trump had been in the White House. O’Brien also told the PM that the International Criminal Court’s decision to issue an arrest warrant against him was a “disgrace.”

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