Trump’s Campaign Bought Haley A Birdcage

( – Former President Donald Trump reportedly decided to show GOP primary opponent Nikki Haley he means business after slamming her with the nickname “Birdbrain.” He reportedly had someone leave a birdcage, along with a small bag of seed, for her to find outside her hotel room door after she returned from the second Republican debate.

Haley posted a picture of the weird offering on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, only for other users to accuse her of placing the items there herself. Not so, according to The Messenger reporter Marc Caputo, who claims Trump’s people texted him personally about the prank, offering a picture of the “gift” — taken from a different angle than Haley’s photo — as proof. The reporter also brushed off any suggestions that he and his publication fell victim to a hoax.

Regardless of who staged the stunt, there’s little denying that Haley is likely the only contender who has any possible chance against Trump. National polls still have the former South Carolina governor down at 8.1%, in third place behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. She’s won over small numbers of Republican voters at every recent move, however, currently claiming the support of 15% of New Hampshire voters — four points ahead of the Florida governor.

Voters in early primary states like New Hampshire can influence elections up to five times more than those whose states have later polling dates, according to Brown University, so high numbers there could mean better outcomes nationally. Still, Trump’s lead remains substantial and is likely to hold through the primaries.

Haley seems to be enjoying the attention in the meantime. She responded with glee to Trump’s recent “Birdbrain” Truth Social post, where he declared her unfit, both in ability and personality, to lead the country. “Love this,” she posted, insisting the former president’s aggression meant she’d risen up to the number-two spot — and maybe even stood as an actual threat to the MAGA leader’s campaign.

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