Trump: ‘We Are Going to Turn New York City Around’

( – Since mid-April, former President Donald Trump has been in the midst of a criminal trial in Manhattan, hampering his ability to travel and campaign for most of the week. Recently, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee took advantage of his proximity and set up a rally in Crotona Park in South Bronx to garner support for a second term.

On May 23, Trump spoke to a New York crowd, talking about what he would do for the state if he won in November. He declared that The Big Apple used to be where people would go to “make it big,” but it was now a “city in decline.”

The former president promised to “turn New York City around…very, very quickly.” Trump said as soon as he takes office, he would call the leader of the city and state and help them make positive change. While he didn’t give any details, Trump said the residents of NY would be “very, very happy.”

The former president said he was surprised about how many people came to see him in the traditionally Blue state, adding he wasn’t sure how he would be received. However, the former president said he wasn’t met with hostility, stating it was a “love fest.” His campaign claimed there were 25,000 in attendance at the rally, but reports believe that number was wildly exaggerated. The permit only allowed for 3,500 people.

In 2020, Trump lost the Bronx by a lot, earning only 16% of the vote to President Joe Biden’s 80%. The former president earned 37.8% of the vote across the state in the last election, in line with the number he received in 2016. A recent Siena College poll shows Trump with 38% support in New York.

Trump’s aim in the Bronx was to win over more voters from the Black and Hispanic populations. America will find out if he accomplished that task in November.

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