Trump Vows To Pardon Jan. 6 Defendants if Elected

( – Former President Donald Trump vows that if elected president, he will “free” the “hostages” currently in prison for participating in the January 6 Capitol riot. The promise comes amidst an indictment he also faces for his alleged actions leading up to the fateful event. The former commander-in-chief also plans to make the Southern border another top priority and promises to “DRILL, BABY, DRILL.”

Trump made the statement on March 11 on his Truth Social page. In it, he claims that the more than 950 people convicted of crimes related to the January 6 attempted coup have been “wrongfully imprisoned.” The message implies that the former president plans on issuing pardons to all of them.

The controversy has remained heated over the details revolving around the January 6 event. Trump maintains that he won the 2020 election, defending the inciting language he used that day as free speech and insisting that he has been nothing but an innocent victim. The Department of Justice’s (DOJ’s) August 1 indictment alleges the former president understood that he lost the election but was determined to retain his position anyway. To that effect, he spent months spreading lies about Democrats stealing the seat. The DOJ also claims the former president engaged in numerous conspiracies in an effort to falsely claim victory.

The House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight published a report on March 11 that claims the DOJ wasn’t transparent enough about the evidence it presented against Trump. It also alleges that investigators did nothing to corroborate allegations by the department’s most significant witness against him, Cassidy Hutchinson. She claims she was in the Secret Service motorcade car with Trump after his January 2020 speech at the Eclipse, and insists she saw him attempt to grab the steering wheel, so he could redirect the vehicle to the Capitol Building instead of away from the angry mob.

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