Trump: Voters Want My ‘Fight’

( – After winning the Republican primary elections in Georgia, Washington state, and Mississippi, former President Donald Trump (R) clinched the GOP nomination for the general election in November. While the official announcement doesn’t happen until July, there are no more candidates currently running against him. In a recent interview with Newsmax, Trump spoke about his voters and the future.

On March 13, the former president sat down for an exclusive interview on “Greg Kelly Reports,” where he spoke about himself in the third person, stating people say “Trump isn’t a nice person,” but they still like his policies. However, the previous US leader said he is “nice” and “respectful.” Trump said the reason people don’t think he’s nice is because he “hit[s] back,” stating “fight[ing] back” is necessary because many of “these people” are “evil.” The former president indicated he’d rather be authentic than change to please the masses.

Trump said if he “didn’t fight tough” and “nasty,” news channels wouldn’t request interviews. He also said the “fight” is what makes America great and is only making him a stronger contender in the race to become president again. While the former US leader did talk about his achievements while in the White House compared to President Joe Biden’s tenure there so far, he spent quite a bit of time talking about those who are allegedly targeting him. Trump said he thinks what they are doing is dangerous for the country.

The former president told Kelly that Special Counsel Jack Smith is “deranged,” claiming Biden is using the attorney as an attack weapon so he can win reelection. Trump also said the “sick people” after him just “make up false stories” to discredit him.

Trump’s first criminal trial is slated to start in Manhattan on March 25. He is facing 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to influence the 2016 presidential election.

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