Trump to Speak At Libertarian Party’s Convention

( – While American voters are familiar with the two major political parties in the United States — Republican and Democratic — they may be less familiar with the alternative parties. The Libertarian party is in that camp. Members of this sect hold liberty as the most important political value and that citizens should be free to make their own choices.

Recently, the party invited both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump — the presumptive presidential nominees for November — to speak at its national convention on May 25. The Republican candidate accepted the invitation to speak.

Trump told Newsmax he was “honored to join them in Washington DC,” adding that Libertarians were “some of the most independent and thoughtful thinkers” in America. The former president declared that everyone needs to “work together” to ensure continued “freedom and liberty” for all US citizens. Libertarians reportedly tend to emerge from the Republican party, rather than the Democratic side.

Libertarian Party National Chairwoman Angela McArdle said the party is planning to share its top issues with Trump before the convention so he has the chance to align his policy positions with them. She said her party has been trying for half a century to present a candidate that was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties.

McArdle said they were finally able to bring a major candidate to their stage, stating her party intends to use the “opportunity to advance the message of liberty.” The overarching theme of the 4-day event is “Become Ungovernable.”

The lineup currently includes Trump, Dr. Peter McCullough, Gabriel Shipton, Dave Smith, Robert Breedlove, Jo Anne, and Mark Skousen — “world-renowned speakers, activists, and thinkers.” The event will end with the announcement of the party’s nominee for president.

There is no word on whether Biden or his campaign has responded to the call for his presence at the convention.

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