Trump Supports Challengers to Texas Politicians Who Wanted Paxton Out

( – Former President Donald Trump is throwing his support behind several Texas politicians — all ultra-right challengers to Republican lawmakers who wanted to oust GOP Attorney General Ken Paxton. Trump called Paxton’s Republican critics RINOs, or Republicans in name only, and insisted that the impeachment trial against the attorney general was “fraudulent.”

Trump took to Truth Social on February 20 to share his endorsements for four candidates running to unseat the Republicans currently serving their districts. He began with a statement pushing Helen Kerwin to replace DeWayne Burns for the Texas State House District 58 seat. He called Burns a RINO for voting to impeach Paxton, adding that the representative had a track record of siding with liberals on too many issues. He noted that his pick had the support of Paxton as well as Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Additionally, Kerwin’s daughter, Brooke Rollins, heads the America First Policy Institute and was a senior staff member for three years when Trump was in the White House.

Alan Schoolcraft was next on Trump’s list. The Texas conservative is currently fighting to overtake John Kuempel, who serves in Texas State House District 44. The former president cited the state representative’s vote against Paxton as his evidence. He promised Schoolcraft would fight for school choice, election integrity, border defense, and citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

Trump shared similar statements in support of Mike Olcott, who seeks to unseat Glenn Rogers in Texas State House District 60, and Liz Case, who is running against incumbent Stan Lambert for the Texas State House District 71 seat.

The Texas House of Representatives voted to impeach Paxton in May 2023 on allegations that he used his office to benefit friends and political donors, but the Senate acquitted him in September. Trump was among Paxton’s supporters throughout the impeachment proceedings.

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