Trump Scores Win on Abortion

( – In 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, removing federal protections for women’s bodily autonomy in the United States and putting the abortion issue to the states. As a result, state governments got to work implementing abortion laws for their female constituents — some opted for harsh bans while others enshrined reproductive rights into law.

In March, former President Donald Trump suggested he would support a national ban on abortion at 15 weeks gestation but later walked that stance back. Now, he says the decision should remain with the states, and it appears many Americans agree.

What Happened?

An exclusive Newsweek poll from April 11 showed that a growing number of US citizens would rather the states decide the issue of abortion rather than the federal government — aligning with Trump’s current stance. Some consider that loyalty a win. Of the 1,500 voters polled, 41% said states should make the decision, 39% said the federal government should make a blanket rule, and 20% were unsure what they wanted.

Those results were different than a poll conducted for Newsweek just one month prior. That one showed that 42% of those surveyed supported the federal government stepping in, and 36% opted for the states. In February, the results were even.

Breaking the current numbers down by who they support for president in 2025, 57% of Trump voters believe state governments should determine abortion limits — a 6% rise from March and a 5% rise from February. Voters polled who support President Joe Biden have been largely consistent in their view. The majority of that demographic surveyed in April — 55% — believe the federal government should decide. That number dropped only 3% since March and was up 2% from February.

Abortion and the Election

While Trump supporters appear to fall in line with his latest views, abortion itself is still a hot-button issue that is sure to play a big role in the upcoming election. A recent poll from The Wall Street Journal showed that abortion was the number one issue among women in swing states — by far.

Pro-choice women seem mobilized by the issue, which should help Democrats up and down the ballot this November. A KFF Health Tracking poll from March showed one in eight voters said abortion is the number one issue on the ballot this fall.

The biggest difference between the two presumptive presidential candidates regarding abortion is that Trump now supports state rights, while Biden wants to codify abortion rights for all women at the federal level. Ultimately, voters will decide who they believe more and who aligns more with their viewpoint this November.

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