Trump Says Haley Should Give Up

( – Former President Donald Trump maintained his lead over competitors after the results of the GOP caucus in Iowa left him with more than double the votes of either of his highest-ranking challengers. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis dropped out, leaving former US ambassador Nikki Haley alone in the race against the MAGA leader. Trump thinks she should follow DeSantis’ lead and give up.

Trump spoke about the election with Newsmax’s Mike Carter on January 21. The Republican front-runner said he would never press his opponent to back out, but he does believe it would be Haley’s best course of action. Both competitors saw the New Hampshire primaries, where undeclared voters could participate in either the GOP or Democratic ballot, as a good testing ground for the broader elections to come later in the year. The Associated Press states that a win on Haley’s part would have potentially opened the doors for future victories, while Trump’s victory would likely pave the path for a sure-fire Republican nomination.

During a rally on January 20 in Manchester, New Hampshire, the former president accused Haley of having “an unholy alliance with RINOs” and other enemies of the far-right. He pointed to the state’s policy to allow independent voters to participate in primaries, which typically have people choose strictly within their registered parties. The former president insisted his opponent would be relying on those independent votes (many of whom he claims are actually Democrats) in her bid to outshine him in the pivotal New Hampshire race.

Trump and Haley have become increasingly antagonistic toward one another as the race has tightened. Both have adamantly rejected the idea of the former naming the latter as his running mate, and both have gone on the offensive when it comes to the others’ competency for the Oval Office seat. Trump claims Haley simply doesn’t have what it takes to win, while Haley insists Trump, like President Joe Biden, has grown too old to handle the high-stakes job.

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