Trump Says Border Bill Is a Democrat Trap

( – The US Senate released a copy of The Emergency National Security Supplemental Bill on February 4, sparking new debates across the political aisle over the proposed changes. Former President Donald Trump spoke out against the legislation, telling Republicans that signing it would be “foolish.” He called the bill a “Democrat trap” that was among the “dumbest” proposals he’d ever read.

Trump told Newsmax reporter Rob Schmitt that any Republican who signed the $118 billion bill would likely be ending their career. Even more, according to the former president, the legislation is completely unnecessary. He stated that the country had the safest border in history when he was in office, and he made it that way without getting Congress involved. Trump simply declared the border closed, and it was. His “Remain in Mexico” policy was a big part of that success, he added, noting that the current bill doesn’t make any reference to the practice.

Also problematic is the fact that the bill attaches billions in tax dollars to Ukraine relief efforts under the guise of national security. It would also allocate funds to bolster defensive efforts in Israel and Taiwan, for a package total of over $34 billion. MAGA Republicans are opposed to it, claiming the proposal, overall, would be ineffective.

The White House issued a press release, insisting that the bill is a solid bipartisan effort to improve US security both at the border and abroad. Among the benefits it promotes include emergency executive power to reject asylum seekers during times of excessive border traffic, faster processing for those waiting for approval, and the availability of jobs to 25,000 people who have visas to live in the US with fiances, spouses, or children. It would also tighten the initial screening process, improving the likelihood of potential security risks getting caught and removed upon applying for asylum.

Numerous people might be on board with the new bill, but even some supporters aren’t sure about the current draft. The American Immigration Council claims the legislation would leave Dreamers out in the cold while turning away asylum seekers who genuinely need the assistance.

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