Trump Reminds Iowans Not To Forget To Vote

( – On January 15, Iowans will vote in the state caucus to determine who they want to run for president on the Republican ticket in 2024. According to polls averaged by FiveThirtyEight, former President Donald Trump is the clear frontrunner with 47.7% support, as of December 15 — 28.6 points ahead of his nearest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R). Recently, the former US leader visited the great state of Iowa to rally up his base.

On December 14, Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters in Coralville, Iowa, reminding residents to “get out and vote.” Although the former president said he was way up in the polls, he called for Iowans to put up some “really big numbers” in his favor in January. Trump indicated that voters tend to get complacent when someone is so far ahead, thinking the win is a sure thing. He doesn’t want people sitting at home waiting for the results, but to have their voices heard.

During his speech, Trump touched on a variety of different subjects, including inflation, interest rates, and President Joe Biden. According to the Des Moines Register, the former US leader spent some time attacking Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R), mocking her for allegedly being America’s least popular governor. He took credit for her winning re-election since he endorsed her. However, the slight might not sit well with voters, considering a recent Iowa poll reportedly put her favorability rating at 78% among caucusgoers.

Trump also promised that 2025 will be “one of the greatest economic years” in the country’s recorded history. However, he didn’t detail a plan to accomplish that task. Rally attendee Sean Bartsch of Burlington said even though economic numbers look good under the Biden administration, people are “struggling.” He indicated the economy would be a key factor weighing on people’s minds when they go to the polls.

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