Trump Promises To Use Military to Deport Illegal Migrants

( – Now that voters know who the presumptive nominees for president in the upcoming election are, the focus turns to policy. President Joe Biden has been making his agenda clear on the campaign trail and even in his speeches from the White House. Recently, former President Donald Trump clarified some of his agenda if he is elected for a second term in office.

On April 30, Time shared pieces of two interviews it conducted with Trump at Mar-a-Lago on April 12 and April 27. The discussion involved many topics, including the former president’s plan for migrants should he return to the Oval Office.

Trump affirmed that he would launch the biggest deportation operation in US history using local law enforcement and the military. He planned to start with the National Guard at the border and inland but would consider using the military if those units weren’t getting the job done.

Trump said that while he didn’t think he would have to resort to using the nation’s armed forces, he admitted he would “go a step further” if necessary.

When the interviewer brought up the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits using the US military against civilians, Trump responded that migrants “aren’t civilians.” He called the influx of immigrants an “invasion of our country” to the tune of 15 million, which he expected would grow to 20 million by January 2025.

The former president also didn’t rule out using detention camps for migrants, although he doubted there would be “much of a need for them.” Still, Trump said he’s leaving all options on the table.

During the interview, the former US leader said if state and local police departments don’t willingly participate in the plan to oust migrants, they “won’t partake in the riches” — perhaps funding incentives. Trump also claimed that Biden “wanted open borders,” stating that the approach “didn’t make sense.”

Do you think Americans would like it if Trump used the National Guard and military to deport migrants? Do you believe they would support detention camps for them?

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