Trump Launches Joint Fundraising Committee With RNC to Raise Cash

( – Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is joining forces with the Republican National Committee (RNC) in an effort to raise more cash. Both have been struggling financially as of late, possibly due in part to Trump’s recent legal woes, and a consolidation of resources might be their only chance to raise what they need to beat President Joe Biden in the November 2024 rematch. The new committee filed its statement of organization with the Federal Elections Commission on March 20, 2024.

Trump’s Legal Troubles

Trump’s financial issues could be contributing to his PAC’s heavy spending. He has suffered several heavy blows over the past few months, leading to hundreds of millions in damages and fines. A judge ordered the former president to pay $83.3 million to journalist E. Jean Carroll in January, determining that he attempted to defame her in response to her sexual assault allegations. Trump managed to secure the $91 million bond necessary to appeal that case. The following month, a judge ruled that he owed the state of New York $355 million for committing business fraud. His lawyers filed an appeal on that judgment as well, but the MAGA leader will continue accruing interest on the balance and will have to pay significant amounts in additional penalties if he loses. He’s currently struggling to pull together the cash bond necessary to place a pause on collections against him while he appeals his fraud case. He has until March 25 to pay either the bond or settle the full balance.

Trump also continues to fight an even greater threat: the dozens of felony charges against him across numerous state and federal jurisdictions. Convictions there could land him serious time in prison, and the legal fees in those cases haven’t come cheap. His PAC Save America reportedly spent $230,000 every day in February to cover his defense.

The 2024 Rematch

Both major parties appear set in their presidential candidates, which means 2024 will likely offer the rematch Trump has long desired. The big question now is whether the former president’s legal and financial problems will hamper his efforts to win the White House this time around.

The RNC reported in November 2023 its lowest balance since 2016 — $9.96 million. During that same time, the Democratic National Committee reported more than $20 million in usable funds. Past RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel said massive dips in committees’ finances are normal, and the RNC’s inevitable merging with its chosen candidate would likely reverse the slump.

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