Trump Lashes Out at Mitt Romney Over Melania Claims

( – It’s not uncommon for those in the spotlight — including politicians — to be the subject of books, typically an autobiography or memoir. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) is the latest subject of a new book, “Romney: A Reckoning,” a biography of the lawmaker’s life written by McKay Coppins. Now, former President Donald Trump is lashing out at Romney for something he said about Melania.

In the book, Coppins writes that Romney recounts a moment when, at a football game, Trump spoke to his son, Josh, and “pointed at a leggy brunette across the room.” The reference is to Melania, who was then Trump’s girlfriend. The excerpt says that Trump talked about dumping her, which would result in the phone ringing “off the hook,” as “every guy in New York” would be seeking her attention.

Trump was quick to hit back and said that particular incident never happened. He accused the lawmaker of “creating false stories to stay relevant.”

Romney and Trump have a very storied, if not strange, history. The pair first met in 1995 when Trump invited the politician to his Mar-a-Lago estate. Romney agreed to visit and figured he would never see Trump again. Several years later, in 2012, Trump endorsed Romney for president as he faced off against Barack Obama. Yet, that wasn’t reciprocated in 2016, when Trump ran against Hillary Clinton. Instead, Romney called Trump a “fraud” and a “phony.” He also voted to impeach Trump — twice — gaining the ire of MAGA Republicans.

Where Trump is seeking another presidency — despite facing 91 charges in four different cases — Romney is content to step aside for the younger generation. He has said he will not run for re-election in 2024.

In Romney’s biography, he doesn’t go easy on President Joe Biden, either, saying America is facing several “critical challenges” that neither Trump nor Biden are confronting. The book is scheduled to hit shelves on October 24.

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