Trump: ‘Jews Who Vote For Biden ‘Should Have Their Head Examined’

( – In October 2023, Hamas extremists started a war with Israel, killing about 1,200 people and kidnapping hundreds in a coordinated attack against the country. The retaliation was swift. To date, more than 30,000 people in the Gaza Strip have died — most of them civilians. President Joe Biden has been calling for a ceasefire, but his most recent call prompted former President Donald Trump to blast him as a non-supporter of Israel.

On April 10, Trump said Biden had “lost control of the Israel situation” and totally “abandoned” the country. He added that any “Jewish person that votes for a Democrat or votes for Biden should have their head examined.” The former president also called the Commander-in-Chief dumb.

Trump was reportedly responding to Biden’s recent interview with Univision, where he urged Israel to call for a ceasefire in Gaza for up to two months to allow food and medicine to flow into the area. However, the president didn’t mention the hostage factor of any such deal.

After Biden’s words aired, a senior White House official stated the president’s position had not changed regarding the proposed ceasefire and hostage release. The source said Biden was talking about the deal in the works, which includes a six-to-eight-week fighting hiatus and the release of about 40 hostages.

Still, the president’s top aides clarified that it was Hamas holding up the impending deal, not Israel. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said he “believe[s] Israel is ready,” so it’s up to Hamas to agree. But there’s a large snag in the deal, as a senior Hamas official recently claimed the group didn’t have 40 living hostages who fit the criteria in Gaza to release.

It’s unclear how Trump feels about a ceasefire and hostage release deal. He urged Israel to “finish up” the war but didn’t elaborate on how he believed that should happen. How do you think the Jewish community will respond to Trump’s words?

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