Trump: ‘Israel Wouldn’t Be Attacked if I Was in Office’

( – Israel has been subject to multiple attacks over the last six months. First, Hamas launched a coordinated strike against the country, killing around 1,200 people and starting a war. More recently, Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles toward Israel, escalating tensions in the Middle East. Former President Donald Trump commented about the barrage of attacks during a recent rally.

On April 13, the presumptive GOP nominee held a campaign event in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, to try and gain favor in the important battleground state. Trump told the crowd that Hamas and Iran wouldn’t have struck Israel if he was still in the White House.

The former president said the United States has been “show[ing] great weakness,” which caused the attacks. Trump also claimed that Russia wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if he was in office, stating that the issues all fall on the president’s shoulders. He said President Joe Biden himself was “weak.”

Trump also blasted the Biden administration for allegedly “hold[ing] Israel back” from eliminating terrorist threats against the nation. But he promised to restore “peace through strength” if he makes it back to the Oval Office.

The former president then blasted the United States overall, stating the country is no longer respected and is “considered a joke” on the world stage. He encouraged Pennsylvania voters to kick Biden out of office in November so the country can rebuild its image.

While Trump didn’t specify what he would’ve done as president to prevent such attacks abroad, he seemed to indicate the US image would’ve been strong — stopping the strikes in Ukraine and Israel.

The rally was Trump’s last before heading into his first criminal trial in Manhattan. He’s facing 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. Jury selection began on April 15 with Trump present in the courtroom. The former president maintains his innocence. It’s unclear how much time he will have to conduct rallies while the case plays out over the next month or so.

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