Trump Has “RISKED It All” For The Working Class

( – Seven Republican primary hopefuls met on the debate stage for their second-round verbal sparring match, but former President Donald Trump, the frontrunner, was once again absent in the lineup. Instead, he chose to speak to blue-collar workers in Michigan about his crusade to defend the working class. He told the audience that he “risked it all” to fight the corrupt elites and vowed that he would give workers “a revival of economic nationalism.”

Trump presented his speech at an auto parts manufacturing plant in Clinton Township, Michigan, on Wednesday, September 27. Newsmax reports that he set himself apart from what he called the “political class,” which he insisted was tapping the nation dry. He promised to revitalize the automobile manufacturing industry by rejecting shifts toward electric vehicles, which require US companies to rely on foreign countries like China for rare and vital components. The MAGA leader criticized the Biden administration for making the supposedly eco-friendly push and slammed the auto industry for bowing to the president’s will.

While Trump held his own personal engagement, his rivals battled it out in Simi Valley, California, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, after falling short of qualifying this round, was also absent for the official debate. Those who remained had little to say about the 45th POTUS, but the comments they did share weren’t kind. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie implied Trump showed a lack of respect for Republican voters by not showing, adding that the GOP frontrunner was afraid to face questions about his record. DeSantis also denounced the absence.

Despite any judgment from his rivals, Trump’s decision to go his own way doesn’t appear likely to hurt him in the polls. POLITICO states that nothing anyone said during the debates hurt the standing leader, and there aren’t yet any indications that the move offended any loyal voters.

The New York Times adds that the latest debate was nothing to write home about, with even one of its participants agreeing it had been a mess. DeSantis told the publication he wouldn’t have sat through the whole airing if he’d been watching from home.

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