Trump: Give Cop Killers the Death Penalty

( – Former President Donald Trump, the GOP’s presumed nominee for the upcoming general elections, recently appeared in Green Bay, WI, for a campaign rally, where he reiterated his promise to pursue the death penalty for cop killers. He spoke following the March 25 murder of New York Police Department Det. Jonathan Diller after suspects shot at him from an illegally parked vehicle.

Trump attended Diller’s wake on March 28, where he noted that the alleged killer and his driver both had long rap sheets. “They don’t learn,” said the former commander-in-chief. He said the country needed to make several changes to restore “law and order.” Among them, he said he would ask members of Congress to draft a bill that would “immediately” condemn cop killers to the death penalty. He insisted that a change in legislation would put a stop to such senseless acts of violence. Other measures he proposed included tackling “migrant crime” and setting up a major task force to end the squatting epidemic reportedly devastating homeowners all across the country.

Signing an executive order mandating executions for cop killers had been one of Trump’s promises when he was running for office in 2015. The order never came to pass, but the MAGA leader reiterated his stance on the matter numerous times. He shared his support for the mandate at a tribute to NYPD officer Miosotis Familia, who died in 2018 and again in 2020, after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department lost two deputies in an ambush attack.

Trump has also proposed the death penalty for people convicted of human trafficking as well as those caught smuggling or dealing illegal drugs. Although capital punishment is still legal on the federal level as well as in 27 states, it is currently banned in New York, California, and 21 other states. The Death Penalty Information Center reports that roughly 53% of Americans support continued use of the death penalty.

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