Trump Continues Domination Over Haley in Michigan Primary

( – There are only two candidates left standing in the Republican primary race — former President Donald Trump and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. While the previous US leader has been running away with every race so far, his opponent insists she isn’t giving up quite yet. Still, Haley took another blow in Michigan, showing the momentum behind Trump has no intention of slowing down.

On February 26, Decision Desk HQ reported that 68.1% of primary voters in The Wolverine State chose Trump, leaving Haley with 26.5% and 3% uncommitted. That victory gave the former president 12 more delegates, bringing his total to 122. On the other hand, the former South Carolina governor earned just four delegates, bringing her total to 24. In order to secure the Republican nomination, one of the candidates must reach 1,215. Super Tuesday is coming up quickly on March 5, when 36% of the delegates will be handed out. Fifteen states and American Samoa will hold GOP primaries that day.

According to recent average polling by FiveThirtyEight, Trump holds 76.9% of primary support nationally, while Haley has 15.5% — a 61.4-point spread. It’s unclear why the former SC governor is still hanging on for the primary, especially after one of her biggest donors, the Koch network, pulled its funding following her South Carolina primary loss. NBC News reported that AFP Action Team Senior Advisor Emily Seidel sent an email stating that while Haley is determined to stay in the race, the group doesn’t believe it has the power to “widen her path to victory.”

Thus far, Haley’s closest win during any primary election was in New Hampshire, where she trailed Trump by only 11.1 points. However, she lost by over 20% in her home state. After that defeat, USA Today quoted her as saying, “America will come apart if we make the wrong choices,” so she is not “giving up.” It’s unclear if she will still hang on after Super Tuesday.

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