Trump Asked About Melania Not Appearing at His Rallies

( – Melania Trump has been notably absent alongside her husband, former President Donald Trump, on the campaign trail, raising questions about the reasons she hadn’t appeared at his rallies. The Republican front-runner took the opportunity to set the record straight, insisting the American public will be seeing more of her very soon.

Sudden Absence

Trump’s hard-hitting campaign trail made the former first lady’s absence hard to miss, with media coverage piling up to show the pictures clearly missing her recognizable face at rallies and other events. Then, during the Christmas season in 2023, the internet exploded over Trump family photos around a Christmas tree that also failed to include the first lady. The former president additionally posted an outdated holiday picture of him and his wife on Truth Social, adding to the stir.

Newsweek reports that the question of Melania Trump’s whereabouts finally came during a recent town hall meeting in South Carolina. An attendee noted the people’s adoration for the former first lady and asked if they would soon see more of her. Trump reportedly agreed that the people loved Melania and insisted that his wife “wants to make America great again” as well. He added that the former first lady plans to show herself more at future events because she understands that her presence makes a difference.

Putting Family First

Trump had previously revealed that when his wife wasn’t able to attend his New Year’s Eve party, she was at a Miami hospital tending to the bedside of her dying 78-year-old mother, Amalija Knavs, who passed away nine days later. Knavs suffered from an undisclosed ailment before she died, so there’s a good possibility that Mrs. Trump had been taking care of her mother long before news of the older woman’s illness became public.

The Associated Press shared the touching eulogy the grieving daughter gave after Knavs passed away. The former first lady described the bond she had with her mother as “unbreakable” and called the deceased a “ray of light” who had added “radiance and joy” to the world around her.

The MAGA leader added that Mrs. Trump is a “private person” despite being a successful model, and she doesn’t particularly enjoy making public appearances. The Trumps’ 17-year-old son, Barron, is also one of Melania’s top priorities. The husband and father stated that much of the former first lady’s time and energy goes toward their teen boy, who is “so important to her.” Trump said she spends a lot of her time raising money for charity as well.

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