Trump: Arizona High Court Abortion Ruling Went Too Far

( – The Arizona Supreme Court recently ruled to uphold the enforcement of a 160-year-old law outlawing abortions. The decision criminalizes all forms of the procedure except in cases where pregnancy specifically puts the mother’s life at risk. Democrats, and even some Republicans, have slammed the move. Even former President Donald Trump stated that the high court ruling went too far.

The 45th president recently came out with his official stance on abortion laws on Truth Social. He said in a video post that he was proud to have enabled the US Supreme Court’s 2022 ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which put the matter in the hands of individual states. The decision ended long-standing federal protections on the controversial procedure, triggering several conservatives to enact laws restricting and banning abortions in their jurisdictions.

The Right has mostly supported efforts to limit abortion access, but many pro-life activists agree that there should be exceptions in cases of rape and incest or where continued pregnancy puts the mother’s life at risk. Arizona’s 1864 law doesn’t have provisions for rape and incest survivors, which means women — even adolescent and teen girls — must carry babies they conceive as a result of their assaults to term. The punishment for violating the law is a minimum of two years in prison, with a maximum penalty of five years.

Trump traveled to Georgia on April 10, where he shared his response to the Arizona ruling with reporters before attending a planned fundraiser. The former president expressed his belief that the system, which is “perfect,” would work itself out, eventually ensuring that the Grand Canyon State-enforced its abortion laws within reason.

Opponents of the decision have 14 days to challenge it. If they fail, then both women who seek abortions and the doctors who perform them will face criminal charges. Other laws Arizona previously had in place to protect unborn babies criminalized attempts to hide miscarriages and stated that women condemned to death should have their sentences suspended long enough to give birth.

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