Trudeau’s New Policy Puts Tampons In Men’s Bathrooms

( – Menstruation is an expensive affair. In the United States, PlushCare reported it costs up to nearly $16 a month for basic supplies. In Canada, that cost can balloon to over $30. Still, every person is different, so the cost could vary up or down depending on the month. Recently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a step to help Canadian workers mitigate the cost and access to menstruation products.

The Canadian government recently announced that starting December 15, all employers must provide menstrual products for their employees in all bathrooms in their building — for free. The government reasoned that free access to pads and tampons would improve the health of menstruating persons and increase their productivity while reducing any stigma attached to periods.

Employers are encouraged to speak with their staff to ensure they provide the proper products. The bathrooms included are those controlled by the employer. The directive stated all menstrual products must be clean, hygienic, and ready for use by all employees and gave ideas on how to supply the items.

Period Packs Executive Director Megan White applauded the move, saying it creates a more equitable work environment. She said it’s “not appropriate” to expect people on their periods to “leave on their lunch break” to go find and buy period products.

Others weren’t so keen on the idea, especially surrounding the fact that menstruation products are now available in all employer bathrooms — men’s, women’s, and gender-inclusive. Former Canadian Senator Linda Frum complained that she had to pay for her own products “back in the day,” while also commenting on menstrual product availability in men’s washrooms specifically. Another social media user predicted that men would just take the free products home to their wives.

The Canadian government equated menstrual products with toilet paper and soap, stating menstrual products are among the basic necessities employers should supply to all employees.

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