Trans Teen Arrested For Allegedly Planning Mass Shooting

( – Gun Violence Archive tracks gun violence in America, including mass shootings, mass murders, and suicides. So far, in 2024, the site reported 122 mass shootings, 9 mass murders, nearly 5,000 gun murders, and almost 9,000 gun-related injuries. Recently, police officers believe they thwarted a mass shooting plan at a school in Rockville, Maryland.

On April 18, the Montgomery County Department of Police (MCPD) issued a news release stating that an 18-year-old high school student, Andrea Ye, was arrested the previous day and charged with threatening mass violence. The MCPD and the FBI Baltimore Field Office worked together on this case, deciding to arrest the suspect after reading Ye’s 129-page “manifesto.” It reportedly detailed committing a school shooting, how the teen would carry it out, where, and why. The documents stated Ye wanted to be famous and idealized other school shooters.

While the suspect was a student at Wooten High School in Rockville, Ye wanted to target an elementary school. Regardless of the intended destination, Montgomery County Public Schools worked with the MCPD’s Community Engagement Division to increase security not only at the high school but all learning institutions in Montgomery County.

The Daily Wire reportedly obtained court documents showing parts of Ye’s alleged manifesto. It stated the teen wanted to be “infamous” but was worried about the news “misgender[ing]” him. Ye is apparently a transgender teen male.

The suspect has allegedly spent quite a bit of time in psychiatric care, even in-patient, where he reportedly told hospital staff about his disturbing intentions. A friend knew about the manifesto and alerted authorities, who subsequently began their investigation, obtained the document, and made the arrest.

Ye was denied bond and will stay in jail pending trial. Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy stated the judge agreed with the prosecution regarding public safety concerns if the suspect was released. The suspect could spend up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.

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