Tim Scott Could Be the Best VP Choice To Win Black Voters

(RepublicanReport.org) – On May 29, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris launched a segment of their campaign to try to win more votes from the Black community. The duo appeared in Philadephia at a boarding school, where they thanked voters in that demographic for their victory in 2020 while criticizing the former president for his alleged actions against Black people in America. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) recently began a similar quest.

The South Carolina senator is getting ready to launch a multimillion-dollar initiative to bring Black voters in to support former President Donald Trump for reelection in key battleground states. Scott believes he has the ability, as the only Black senate member, to appeal to the demographic and bring those curious about conservatives to the party.

The lawmaker recently spoke to a group of reporters stating that he does “two or three times better” with Black voters “than the average Republican.” Scott said he is able to “bring together the working-class coalition,” garners high support in deeply Red counties in his state, in addition to some Blue counties.

The legislator, who is rumored to be on Trump’s shortlist for vice president, plans to use $14.3 million from his Great Opportunity PAC to lure nonwhite voters away from Biden’s campaign and into Trump’s. He said just a few percentage points could make the difference in November.

Polling numbers from Pew Research in early to mid-April show that Biden is currently carrying 77% of the Black vote to Trump’s 18%. During the 2020 election, about 90% of that demographic chose to elect President Biden into the White House.

Scott sees that gap as an opportunity for Republicans — specifically Trump. He believes “a lot of African American men” are interested in considering the GOP, and there is an “undercurrent of conservatism” in the community that the lawmaker feels he can tap into on Trump’s behalf.

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