TikTok Among the Top Threats to National Security

(RepublicanReport.org) – TikTok could be one of the top threats the United States currently faces in terms of the country’s national security. Many lawmakers believe the social media giant, owned by ByteDance has been using the app to farm intelligence from US devices. They are currently working to limit the foreign company’s reach, with legislation in the works that could protect the country from prying eyes.

Lawmakers have been voicing their concerns for years. Former President Donald Trump even attempted to take action while he was in office to have the app banned in the country. US courts ultimately blocked the move. Today, though, Trump seems to have done an about-face on the issue.

A February 5 report from the Office of the US Director of National Intelligence lists TikTok as one of many tools China has been using in its attempts to undermine and influence US policy. It claims that the communist country has shown increased sophistication in these efforts, using artificial intelligence and other experimental means, and alleges that the CCP used TikTok as a means to target political candidates on both sides of the divide during the 2022 midterm elections.

Lawmakers introduced the No TikTok on United States Devices Act in January 2023. The bill proposes sanctions against ByteDance if the company retains its involvement with TikTok, with threats to block its access to certain types of data if it remains in charge. Another bill, the Terminate TikTok on Campus Act of 2023, proposes pulling government funding from colleges that allow the use of the social media network on their campuses.

Forbes shares that the United States isn’t alone in taking measures to protect itself against the possible threat. Leaders in numerous countries, including Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, and the UK, have banned TikTok from government devices over similar concerns.

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