Three US Troops Killed in Jordan by Iran-Backed Terrorists

( – The White House is blaming Iran-backed terrorists for killing three US soldiers and injuring 34 others in a January 28 drone strike. President Joe Biden has vowed to respond to the attack. He’s siding with numerous Republicans who want the US to retaliate, insisting that Iran won’t back down until allied forces give the Islamic terrorists no other choice.

According to the New York Post, extremists have attacked the US and its allies 158 times since Israel first declared war on Hamas, but this was the first strike to take the lives of US citizens. Biden made an appearance at a South Carolina church banquet hall the day following the attacks and asked for a moment of silence before making a statement insisting that the US would respond.

The attack occurred at part of a base in Jordan called Tower 22, which US troops use largely in their efforts to assist Jordan in its fight against ISIS, one of many Islamic extremist factions. Jordan shares border territory with Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the West Bank, making it a prime spot for basing military operations against the numerous Islamic groups that have declared war against Jews, Christians, and non-extremist Muslims in the Middle East. Roughly 3,000 American soldiers are currently stationed there, but sources haven’t been able to pinpoint how many of them were working at Tower 22 when it was hit.

US military officials are also unsure which Iranian faction to blame, but they’re certain one of the country’s many proxy militia groups is responsible. No one has yet come forward to claim ownership of the deadly attack, which could make retribution difficult, but officials are doing what they can to track the source.

Republicans blame Biden for the deaths, pointing to his weak policies against terrorism in the Middle East. They believe deterrence is the only effective way to stop extremists from continuing their attacks, insisting that the US needs to make a show of force if it wants to end the violence. Meanwhile, NBC News reports that Iranian leaders have threatened to wage a full-blown war in the region if Israel manages to eradicate Hamas.

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