This Specific Message From Biden Is Hurting Trump

( – “Sleepy Joe” Biden recently decided to emerge from his three-year nap and hit the campaign trail. It appears he’s off to a rough start after he told prospective donors on February 7 that he talked to the late German Chancellor Helmut Kohl about the events surrounding the January 6, 2021, incident at the nation’s capital. There’s one tiny problem with his claim — Kohl died in 2017. However, Biden has launched a specific message that appears to be hurting Donald Trump.

On February 8, Newsweek published an article discussing Biden’s efforts to paint his rival as a threat to American democracy as we know it. The long-standing media outlet and periodical reported that the president’s claim “appears to be gaining [some] traction” with some key voting groups.

Newsweek backed up its assessment by pointing to recent surveys and early caucus/primary results. The outlet explained they indicated that some independent voters and Democrats were responsive to the Biden campaign’s message that a second Trump term could cause irreparable harm to the country’s democratic institutions. Newsweek warned that those indicators suggested that Trump’s return to the White House would damage America’s global standing.

For example, a January Harvard Center for American Political Studies – Harris survey found that 84% of registered Democrats responded in the affirmative when asked if they thought Trump was a threat to democracy. A December poll conducted by AP-NORC found that 54% of Americans thought electing Trump would weaken the country’s democratic norms.

Newsweek readily conceded that many Republican voters feel the same way about Biden, as evidenced by exit polls in early primaries and recent surveys.

One can debate the meaning of polls and the nuance surrounding the fact that both Democrats and Republicans think each other’s presumptive candidates threaten American democracy and stability overall. One thing remains certain: the latest surveys show that voters’ concerns about democracy are rising. They currently outweigh traditional kitchen table issues like the economy and other matters like national security and immigration.

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