The Left Is Tearing Itself Apart

( – The war between Israel and Hamas has prompted new lines in the sand on all fronts, with Democrats split on how to handle relief efforts. Some see the counterattack and the original assault as equally horrendous, while others blame Israel’s treatment of Palestinian residents in Gaza for triggering the attacks. The differences are tearing the Left apart, and the impact could ultimately hit President Joe Biden at the polls.

ABC News reported on Biden’s swift and resolute response to the Hamas attack, where he stated the US stands firmly with Israel. Many of the commander-in-chief’s liberal colleagues in the legislative branch, like Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — the first Jewish person ever to hold his leadership position — agree. Others, moved by allegations that the counterattack on Gaza killed almost 500 children among hundreds of innocent civilians are expressing equal, if not more, empathy for Palestine.

Progressive Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT), who’s long been an advocate for Palestinians, has been a vocal critic of Israel’s treatment toward its Muslim neighbors, insisting that US leaders should pressure the Jewish State into easing off on its attacks. He called Israel’s bombardment of Gaza a “serious violation of international law.”

Democratic Sen. Ed Markey (MA) and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (MA) also insist that their congressional chambers need to push for de-escalation efforts, according to POLITICO, which adds that Pressley is also demanding an “immediate ceasefire.” Their constituents appear to be equally divided. An audience at the Boston Common bandstand booed Markey off the stage when he attempted to express his opinion at a recent rally.

Biden’s support of Israel might gain him the added support of Democrats who also stand with the Jewish nation, but it could come at the cost of votes from fringe Progressives. According to the latest approval ratings, which show the president’s support has dropped by two points over the last month alone, the split doesn’t appear to be helping his voter base.

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