Texas Continues To Set Up Razor Wire To Stop Illegal Immigration Despite Supreme Court Ruling

(RepublicanReport.org) – On January 22, the US Supreme Court issued a short, unsigned order granting a Biden administration request to allow United States Border Patrol agents to remove, move, or cut razor wire installed by the Texas National Guard along a stretch of the state’s border with Mexico. However, Texas continues to set up the barrier to prevent illegal migrants from entering the state.

Later that day, Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott issued a brief statement on his X/Twitter account addressing the Supreme Court’s ruling. “This isn’t over,” the openly defiant executive wrote. He pointed out that the border wire he ordered installed at the border serves as an “effective deterrent” to the unlawful border crossings sanctioned and encouraged by President Joe Biden.

Abbott concluded his remarks by vowing to defend the state’s constitutional right to secure the border and stop Biden administration officials from “destroying [Texans’] property.”

The following day, the Texas Military Department issued a press release echoing the governor’s sentiment. The agency also promised to “remain resolute in [its] actions” to secure Texas’ border with Mexico, to “protect” the state’s “sovereignty,” and to “preserve the rule of law.”

Then, on January 24, Abbott issued a formal statement defending Texas’ right to protect and defend its residents by taking the necessary action to secure its border with Mexico. He accused Biden of failing to honor his constitutional duty to execute the duties of his office faithfully.

It remains unclear how this situation will eventually end. Legal scholars have pointed out that SCOTUS didn’t order Texas to remove existing razor wire or stop installing new barriers. Instead, all it did was rescind a temporary injunction granted by the Fifth US Circuit Court of Appeals while a lawsuit regarding Texas’ efforts to protect the border works through the lower court.

As a side note, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett sided with the Supreme Court’s liberal justices. Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito indicated they would have left the Fifth Circuit’s order in place.

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