Teenage Gunman Outside Middle School Shot Dead

(RepublicanReport.org) – Mass shootings in the United States have unfortunately become a part of daily life. While these instances can and do happen everywhere, school isn’t even a safe haven for those just trying to get an education and hang out with their friends. In 2023, there were 82 school shootings in America, a slight increase from the previous year. As of April 18, there were 18 school shooting incidents in the United States. Recently, police in Wisconsin seemed to have stopped yet another occurrence before it even started.

What Happened?

On May 1, Mount Horeb police officers shot and killed a 14-year-old boy who appeared to have a long gun outside Mount Horeb Middle School. Schools in the area temporarily went on lockdown, and no one else but the suspect was injured. Sources reported that authorities also checked the vehicle associated with the boy for explosives but found none.

Police arrived on the scene to investigate a potential active shooter situation, arriving to find the reportedly armed student outside. Witnesses said that dozens of children were outside at the time and could be seen running in a panic once the shooting started.

It’s still unclear what kind of gun the student had or if he fired a shot. Preliminary reports say that multiple police fired upon the 14-year-old. A social media post from the district reported that an “initial search of the middle school” didn’t uncover any accomplices on the scene. Police in Mount Horeb are equipped with body cameras, which will tell the story of what exactly transpired outside the school. State Attorney General Josh Kaul said the investigation was ongoing.

The suspect did not have the chance to go inside. Mount Horeb Village President Ryan Czyzewski and Mount Horeb Chamber Board Chair Kara Brandemuehl said the safety measures taken by the schools in the area prevented the boy from entering. Those actions, in part, kept the students and staff free from harm inside.

Reactions and Comments

Soon after the incident, the Mount Horeb Area School District announced that the threat was “neutralized,” thanking the first responders for their quick action. An agency spokesperson said the FBI was on the scene helping state and local agencies. Classes have already resumed in the district.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers released a statement also thanking first responders. The state leader said he has “been in contact” with school officials to lend his support to all those affected by the stressful situation. The deceased suspect has not been publicly identified.

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