Survivor Of Music Festival Says Hamas Was Laughing And Having Fun

( – Early in the morning on October 7, Hamas — a terrorist organization — launched thousands of rockets upon Israel. The group followed up its initial barrage by attacking by sea, land, and air. One of the first places Hamas targeted was a music festival in Southern Israel where innocent civilians were simply enjoying their day. The gathering quickly turned to terror, as group members surrounded the festival, murdering hundreds. One survivor recalled the terrorists “laughing” as they mowed innocent people down with guns.

On October 11, survivor Shani Ohana detailed some of her experience at the festival during an interview on “The Source” with host Kaitlan Collins. The woman said she was taking pictures of the sunrise when the bombs started to fall. However, the explosives weren’t out of the ordinary, so she didn’t think much of it until the police arrived, and told the concert-goers to “leave everything and just run.” Ohana hopped in the car with her friend to flee the area but ran into terrorists at every turn.

Once the car was shot many times, the young woman and her friend ran across a field to get away. She said she could feel the bullets hitting the ground near her feet, but luckily she wasn’t hit and neither was the friend who was with her. The pair continued running until they felt far enough away and hid in some bushes where they found more of their friends from the concert. The group stayed hidden for a startling eight to nine hours.

Ohana said they could hear the shooters all around, laughing, firing their weapons, throwing grenades, and enjoying themselves as they slaughtered innocent people. She said the shooting continued the entire time they were all hiding in the bushes just out of view. The woman told Collins that the whole ordeal was “scary” and she’s still trying to process what she went through. At least 260 people were murdered at the festival.

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