Student Who Planned To Shoot Up School Is Back In Class

( – Just 16 months ago, a student threatened to shoot up a Giles County middle school, located about an hour south of Nashville, Tennessee. That student is back in class, leading some parents to pull their children from classes in fear of what might come next. Some kids at the school had even testified against the boy in court, but the district hasn’t offered any plans to keep them safe from possible retribution.

Distraught parents allege the school district is trying to use their children as pawns to play politics on current gun laws in their state. One mom, Natalie Johnson, tried to seek action through the school. Her child’s name was reportedly on the wannabe gunman’s hit list, but according to Daily Wire, officials merely recommended that the mother contact her state representatives about creating stricter gun restrictions.

Hannah Riley, another concerned mother, is just one of many parents who’ve pulled their children from the school, fearful that the unnamed perpetrator might eventually follow through with his plans. She states that her son personally viewed the list, which lacked his name because he’d previously offered the potential killer a show of kindness. Riley’s son turned over the information to police, and he was one of seven children who testified against the boy.

Like Johnson, Riley claims the school district told her to take the issue to Washington, but the upset mother states that she and her husband both believe fixing the issue has nothing to do with gun laws. She points out that any added restrictions would be irrelevant in their case because the perpetrator is only 14 years old — too young to buy a firearm.

Tennessee law requires a local school board to “suspend, dismiss, or alternatively place” students who are a potential threat to others. Yet, for reasons no one has been able to explain to parents, a child who could potentially endanger his peers is back with the general population.

The thwarted tragedy is just one of many that have rocked Tennessee communities. A 14-year-old allegedly shared his plans to shoot Brighton High School classmates in a SnapChat post in September, and a 12-year-old in Nashville allegedly threatened to shoot up Dupont Tyler Middle School in October.

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