St. Patrick’s Day Shooting Leaves One Dead And Two Injured

( – Gun violence in America is not getting any better with nearly daily reports of shooting sprees everywhere from grocery stores and parades to schools and churches. In fact, since the beginning of 2024, there have been 80 reported mass shootings in the United States. But many more happen that don’t meet the criteria of a mass event. The latest shootings fitting that category happened in Florida during what should have been a fun celebration.

On March 17, crowds of people in downtown Jacksonville Beach were enjoying St. Patrick’s Day and spring break when shots rang out. Multiple gunmen opened fire right out in the open, killing one person and injuring two. The first shooting happened near a Best Western at the beach. Two gunmen opened fire. One person was injured, in addition to both of the armed suspects. Another shooting happened less than a half hour later when a man started firing outside of a business — no one was injured, and the suspect is still at large. During the third shooting at Sneakers Bar, one person was killed, leaving patrons and others to flee for their lives.

Footage of the last harrowing incident showed floods of people running across the beach trying to get to safety. Paramedics descended on the scene to help those who were shot, and police began their manhunt for as many as three suspects. Sergeant Tonya Tator later told reporters the downtown district, beachfront, and bar area were “locked down” and would stay that way until further notice. The Jacksonville Beach Police Department lifted the shelter-in-place order later that night, although police were still working the scene. Tator said the police department has “a lot of work ahead” trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Police intend to hold a press conference to keep the public up-to-date. So far, no suspects have been named. The two injured victims are reportedly in stable condition.

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