Senator Says Ukraine Aid Will Stop Putin

( – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) recently spoke in favor of continuing aid to Ukraine, breaking from his party in his belief that the assistance is necessary to stop President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to retake the former Soviet state. He insists the United States must supply weapons to defend against its common enemies and feels the decision will deter other oppressors from taking similar offensive actions.

Graham appeared on the Tuesday, October 31, edition of “Eric Bolling the Balance,” where he discussed the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza and the importance of funding US allies on both fronts. He said that the final spending package wouldn’t be as high as the $105 billion Biden Administration wants, but he believes the spending package needs to address both wars.

First and foremost, according to Graham, is the fact that Putin has allied himself with Hamas. He said the leaders met in Moscow on Monday, October 30, and claimed the Islamic terrorists called the Russian president “their best friend.” The South Carolina conservative stated that Putin purchases drones from Iran, which worsens the problem, and ending assistance now would only create a war between Russia and NATO. Even more, China would likely take advantage of the situation and move in to take Taiwan. The lawmaker added that the United States has only spent about 5% of its defense budget, but the effort has reduced Russian forces by about 50%, and not one US soldier has died.

Graham noted that Israel, like Ukraine, is a good ally to protect, but the amount of money Biden suggested for the latest spending proposal is simply too high. He feels we should focus on sending weapons, not humanitarian aid, noting the goal is to eradicate the enemy. The South Carolina lawmaker reiterated that our adversaries are both Russia and Hamas.

The war in Ukraine continues to rage on despite nearly two years of defensive efforts. North Korea recently boosted the Kremlin’s stockpiles by trading artillery rounds in exchange for technology to launch its own satellites.

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