Senator Bob Menendez To Not Run For Re-Election As A Democrat

( – In September 2023, Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) was indicted for an alleged bribery scheme, fraud, and aiding a foreign government while in office. Since then, the federal government has added even more charges — twice — bringing the indictment count against the senator to 16. While he still claims his innocence, Menendez recently made a decision about his future in the Senate.

On March 21, the New Jersey lawmaker announced he would “not file for the Democratic primary” this year. Instead, Menendez said he was hoping to be cleared of the charges against him sometime this summer so that he could run as an “independent Democrat” in November. The politician said he was waiting until he was exonerated to make a move because the current indictments wouldn’t allow him to campaign properly. He implied that debates and dialog would center around his legal issues, and the senator believes “New Jerseyans deserve better than that.”

In order to run as an independent, Menendez will reportedly need to gather 800 signatures before the filing deadline on June 4. Representative Andy Kim (D-NJ) called the possibility “alarming,” stating there was no way Menendez could win the seat as an independent. If the senator throws his hat in the ring on a different ticket, Kim believes the move could “give Republicans a chance” to gain a seat in the Upper Chamber. Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) had some strong words about his colleague running on an independent ticket. The Pennsylvania senator dared him to go ahead and try, calling him a “sleazeball.”

However, New Jersey state Democratic Party Chairman LeRoy Jones Jr. told NBC News he didn’t think Menendez would do it, stating he wasn’t worried about the senator being a spoiler for the Democrats this November. After all, President Joe Biden easily won the state in 2020, and the Left is in a strong position to hold the seat regardless.

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