Senate GOP Want Border Security As A Condition For More Ukraine Aid

( – Members of the Senate GOP are willing to consider sending more aid to Ukraine, but only on the condition that Democrats agree to more border security. Congress has been split over its handling of future aid toward the former Soviet state’s fight against Russian forces, which invaded in February 2022. Republicans just released a list of security proposals, holding Ukraine over the Dems’ heads as new leverage for their demands.

The Hill reports that reducing the immigration flow into the United States is among the Right’s top current priorities as conflicts in the Middle East increase the possibility of terrorist threats worldwide. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said current policies haven’t been effective enough, and the country needs to take a new approach if it’s going to remain secure. He, along with Republican Sens. Tom Cotton (AR) and James Lankford (OK), spearheaded the GOP’s new list of conditions to meet their goals, which they revealed on Monday, October 6.

Among their demands, the conservative leaders want construction on the southern border wall to continue. They also want to increase Border Patrol agents’ pay and revisit asylum laws, rejecting applications from migrants who continued to travel to the US, after entering safe countries, in search of work. The officials also hope to tackle humanitarian parole being offered to illegal immigrants.

The Associated Press added that the proposed changes would make it harder for asylum applicants to prove their cases. Under current law, people who claim to be fleeing religious, racial, or political persecution can game the system and find work in the US as they await their court dates. GOP demands would force potential refugees to prove they “more likely than not” faced a threat in their home country to qualify. Currently, a migrant must prove there’s a “significant possibility” that they would place themselves in danger by remaining in their home country.

GOP lawmakers insist that the changes would allow Border Control to crack down on criminal activity along the region.

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